Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up Next

My next trip will be to the wonderful San Francisco, California! In a week and a half I will be meeting my immediate family (mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law, and nephew) in San Fran for a long weekend trip! We have family out in California (San Rafael, San Francisco, and Sonoma) so, to say the least, this isn't our first trip but what a fun one to frequent!

View of downtown San Francisco
More to come later on Classic tourism and hidden gems of San Francisco.  Grad school has completely taken over my life this week!

A few pictures from last year's trip:

Sister, Mom, and I at the wineries in Sonoma
Winery hopping in style!
Chocolate Wine Shots
Sonoma Vineyard
While we did spend a lot of time in Sonoma last year...we did hit up some San Fran faves:
Bought lots of nicely priced colorful scarves!

and can't pass up IN-N-OUT
Do you have any suggestions for San Francisco? Always looking for new experiences when I re-visit a wonderful city!


  1. I really like Alcatraz, it's interesting and has amazing views of SF. If you go take the late tour, it's a few more dollars but definitely worth it. Last time I was there we went to an incredible Italian restaurant in North Beach called Michelangelos. I insist everybody check it out. My favorite vineyard was Korbel. They have a nice tour and unlimited tastings for free. Haven't made it to Muir Woods yet but it's on my list.

  2. Ashley - I like Alcatraz as well! We did that when I was a little younger, I'd love to do it again though! I love Italian and will have to strongly suggest Michelangelos...thanks! Thanks for the comment!